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Frequently Asked Questions

Right on the tire. It usually starts with a P that stands for Passenger car. It’s a set of 7 numbers. You can also find it on the inside of the driver side door. You should see a label with all the information that pertains to your vehicle.

First set of numbers is the width, second set is the height and last two numbers, which usually start with a Letter R, is the rim size.

“Pass or Fail” means you would still have to pay for the inspection even if your vehicle does not pass inspection.

If you vehicle does not pass, you pay the inspection fee but you do not get stickers. You have 30 days to return to the station to get a FREE inspection. After the 30 days, you would have to pay again.

No, you would have to drive certain drive cycles in order for it to be ready for testing.

Patch is a round rubber patch used with heat and glue from the inside of the tire.  Plug is used on the outside of the tire.

Varies from car to car, but it should usually be between 35-40 pounds.

Between 45 minutes to 1 hour

If you vehicles veers to the right or left once you take off.  Veering to the right or left is normal after a certain distance.

No. Noises or bangs your vehicle makes have nothing to do with alignments.

Usually vehicles tell you something is off in the balance if your driving at 60 MPH or more and it starts to shake.


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